SHENZHEN—11 Oct 2023—ACT International announced the winners of the 17th Step-by-Step Excellence Awards program at NEPCON Asia earlier today. The awards program honors products among the nominated entries that will significantly contribute to the SMT-assembly industry as judged by a panel of well-known SMT experts and dedicated SbSTM readers.

Highlighting the announcements, Adonis Mak, Chairman of the Step-by-Step Excellence Awards Judging Committee and Publishing Director of Step-by-Step New Technologies magazine (SbSTM) awarded The SbSEA Prime Award to Keysight Technologies's PathWave Manufacturing Analytics (PMA) for it enables electronics manufacturers to improve their production processes by collecting and analyzing data from the manufacturing floor. attained the highest overall score of all the entries judged, across all product categories.

Sunny Xue, Technical Chair of the 17th Step-by-Step Excellence Awards Judging committee, and Senior Consultant to Step-by-Step New Technologies magazine (SbSTM) awarded SbSEA Chinese Achievement Awards to the 3D AOI ALD87 from ALeader Vision Technology. and to the AP8000 from Acroview Technology. These two products attained the highest overall scores among all entries submitted by Chinese companies.

Furthermore, Lily Hu, Senior Editor of SbSTM magazine, announced that the winner of this year's SbSEA Editor's Choice Award is the L-900 SMT MULTI-FUNCTION SPLICING SYSTEM from YOUNGPOOL TECHNOLOGY.

Two SbSEA Internet Choice Awards were also announced. SbSTM readers and professionals from the whole country voted online selecting the following two winning products: the FULL AUTO FIRST ARTICLE INSPECTION from Shenzhen PTI Technology, and the Wave soldering machine from Wuxi Mingwei Electronic Equipment .

The Step-by-Step Excellence Awards (SbSEA, former Vision Award) program is the most influential program for the EMS industry in China with the participation and support from both international and domestic suppliers serving the industry. The winners are judged by technical experts in the field, senior executives from the downstream industry and dedicated Step-by-Step New Technologies Magazine’s (SbSTM, former SMT China ) readers.

The judging committee selected the winners of the SbSEA Prime Award, the SbSEA Chinese Achievement Awards, the SbSEA Innovation Awards, and the SbSEA Excellence Awards. SbSTM's senior editor picked the SbSEA Editor's Choice Award winner, and online readers selected the SbSEA Internet Choice Award winners.

This year was the fourth year of using an electronic voting system to provide a broader involvement of qualified experts and companies to participate in the SbSEA program.

About the Step-by-Step Excellence Awards Program

The program was initiated in 2007 to recognize as benchmarks of excellence significant products within the SMT-assembly industry. The entered products were judged on their innovativeness and their contribution in helping the downstream industry to reduce costs, improve product quality, increase production efficiencies, and enhance product reliability. In addition, the judging committee also awarded points to entries that ensure worker safety, protect the environment, as well as on the entries’ expected overall impact on the industry.

About ACT International Media Group

ACT International, celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2023, serves a wide range of high technology sectors in the high-growth China market. Through its range of products, including print and digital media as well as conferences and events, ACT delivers proven access to the China market for both international marketing companies and local enterprises.··ACT's product portfolio serves more than 200,000 professional readers and audiences in the fields of electronic manufacturing, machine-vision systems, laser/photonics, RF/microwave system design, cleanroom/contamination control, and semiconductors—both compound and silicon based.··ACT International is also the sales representative for a number of world leading technical publishers and event organizers. ACT is headquartered in Hong Kong with staff located in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Wuhan.

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Award Entries Company Category
Excellence Prime Award PathWave Manufacturing Analytics (PMA) Keysight Technologies Manufacturing Software
Chinese Achievement Award 3D AOI ALeader Vision Technology Co.,Ltd. Inspection & Testing-AOI
AP8000 Acroview Technology Co., Ltd. Pre-Assembly–Programmer
Innovation Award 1-component Dispenser vipro-PUMP ViscoTec Shanghai Limited Coating-Glue Dispenser
基于飞针的多功能测试平台的创新应用 IFREE (Suzhou) Test Technology Co. ltd Inspection & Testing- test tools
高产能真空回流炉 HELLER (SHANGHAI) CO., LTD Soldering-Vacuum/Vapor Phase Reflow
Excellence Gold Award Fully automatic CCM module laser soldering line Shenzhen Anewbest Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd SMT Process- Soldering
AI vision SMT intelligent material cabinet Fujian Star-wise Technology Co., Ltd. Smart Warehouse
Vayo-CAM365 行业必备CAM工具 Vayo(Shanghai)Technology Co., Ltd. Manufacturing Software
Keysight x1149 2.0 Boundary Scan Analyzer Keysight Technologies Testing system- ATE
等离子系统PTU1612 Plasmatreat Trading (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. Pre-Assembly–Cleaning Equipment
AX8300S microfoca1 X-Ray Inspection equipment Wuxi Unicomp Technology Co.,Ltd Smart equipment
Fully Automatic Online BGA Ball Placement System DONGGUAN WEITAI ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD Smart equipment
Internet Choice Award FULL AUTO FIRST ARTICLE INSPECTION Shenzhen PTI Technology Co.,Ltd. Inspection & Testing-FAI
Wave soldering machine Wuxi Mingwei Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. Soldering-Wave soldering
Excellence Award Reflow soldering machine Wuxi Mingwei Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. Soldering-Reflow
IPS5200L Acroview Technology Co., Ltd. Pre-Assembly-Software Programming
智能锡膏存贮柜 深圳市瑞天激光有限公司 Pre-Assembly–Solder Paste Management
RS620 东莞市瑞盛自控技术有限公司 Pre-Assembly–Separator
On-line PCBA plug-in optical detection equipment Wuxi Mingwei Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. Inspection & Testing-AOI
One-piece selective wave soldering Wuxi Mingwei Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. Soldering-Selective Soldering
在线真空共晶炉 Zhongke Tongzhi Semiconductor (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd Soldering-Vacuum/Vapor Phase Reflow
纳米银烧结炉 Beijing Torch SMT Incorporated Company Soldering-Specific Soldering
粘合剂 Vitralit® UD 8050 Hoenle UV Technology(Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd Bonding
Agilink Auto Reel Loader Swissmic Shenzhen Ltd. Smart equipment
在线激光切割机 深圳市瑞天激光有限公司 Laser Cutting Equipment
Fit20C Clean In-Line Precision Dispensing System Suzhou SAMON Technology Co, Ltd. Coating-Glue Dispenser
Inline Vision Laser Marking System MPI Technologies(Shenzhen)Ltd. Marking machine
Vacuum reflow oven SHENZHEN JAGUAR AUTOMATION EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD. Soldering-Vacuum/Vapor Phase Reflo
Smart Stencil Cabinet and Software Suzhou ofine Technology Co.,Ltd Smart Warehouse
RFID precision library bit A-King Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd Smart Warehouse
BOYISH Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Cleaning-Cleaner
QUOTECQ CalcuQuote Management Software
Intelligent Solder Paste Storage Cabine Suzhou Sun Moon Intelligent Technology Co., LTD Pre-Assembly–Solder Paste Management
*(Note: The ranking of the above enterprises is not in any particular order)

Winner List

  • All
  • SbS Excellence Prime Award (top scorer)
  • SbS Chinese Achievement Award
  • SbS Innovation Award
  • SbS Excellence Gold Award
  • SbS Editor's Choice Award
  • SbS Internet Choice Award
  • SbS Excellence Award

Product Categories


The SbSEA judges will present awards to the entries that score the most points: The judges will award the SbS Excellence Awards to the entries that have significantly contributed to the industry. Furthermore, the judges will award the SbS Prime Award to the product or process that they deem as the best of all the entries nominated regardless of the entry's product category.

The judges will also award two SbS Chinese Achievement Awards to the entries from China-based nominees that have significantly contributed to the industry as well as SbS Innovation Awards to those products or processes that show significant innovation in their design.

In addition, the editor-in-chief of SbSTM will award his pick of the best product or process the SbS Editor's Choice Award. Plus, the SbSTM’s readers and professionals from China will vote online to select the SbS Internet Choice Award winners.

  • SbS Excellence Prime Award
  • SbS Chinese Achievement Award (best from China-based nominees)
  • SbS Editor's Choice Award (SMT China's editor's pick)
  • SbS Internet Choice Award (SMT China readers and website visitors' pick)
  • SbS Innovation Award (Judges' pick of most innovative products/services)
  • SbS Excellence Award (Judges' pick)
  • Vision Award (Judges' pick)

The Judges

As in previous years, the judging panel comprises assembly-industry experts and downstream users of the entries nominated. Because of the composition of the judging panel, a SbSEA Award is highly sought after and proudly displayed by the winners.

Judging Criteria

The judges will assess all the nominated entries as follows:

First and foremost, the judges will evaluate all entries on their

  • (1)Innovativeness——The creativeness exhibited within the design of the entries, themselves.
  • The judges will then award additional points to the entries for their ability to
  • (2)Reduce Cost——reduce an assembler's production or testing costs
  • (3)Improve Quality——improve the quality of the assembled products
  • (4)Increase Efficiency——increase an assembler's production or inspection efficiencies
  • (5)Enhance Reliability——enhance the reliability of the assembled products
  • (6)Ensure Safety——ensure the safety of the products in the customers' hands or of the safety of the assemblers on the manufacturing floors
  • (7)Protect the Environment——positively contribute to the ecological protection of the environment
  • Furthermore, the judges will award points for the
  • (8)Overall Impact——the impact that the entry will have on the advancement of electronics-assembly technologies or processes for the industry.

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